Business terms

1) Wholesale conditions and ordering info:




2) Delivery terms, shipping and payment methods:

  • No packing charges for wholesale partners. In case of large and heavy packages shipping and handling charges will be set individually. We will inform you of shipping and handling charges upfront.
  • Payment methods are either cash-on-delivery or payment to our bank account/direct debit. When chosing cash-on-delivery option you are responsible for shipment take-over otherwise we have a right to invoice you all the incurred shipping and handling charges.
  • Order is being shipped within 2 working days after receiving an order. Once the shippment is handed over to transportation company a shipping confirmation e-mail is sent.

3) Returning policy

In case of any obvious defects and damages or errors on our site found out  you must inform us by writing within 72 hours after shipment take-over. A defective item is one that is inoperable but has no apparent damage. Standard merchandise parametres which may differ from customer expectaions (eg. size, color tint etc.) are not defective items and therefore they cannot be a trigger for merchandise claiming/returning.
Options when claiming defective merchandise:
  • merchandise replacement/delivery of missing items
  • price compensation (adequate discount on defective items)
  • in case of no-replacemnt possibilty then merchandise return and refund (credit note issued)
Any claim may also be resolved differently if agreed and accepted by both sides.
We accept no responsibility for damage and/or loss of parts incurred during operation or use of product initiated by user, third party or by accident.

4) On-line sale

It is forbiden to offer and sell merchindise via on-line auctions and on-line second-hand shops. We kindly ask all our wholesale partners and retailers to use our recomended retail prices.

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